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303 West Madison
Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois 60606
The B.E.A.S.T. is Always Lurking
– Will You Be Its Next Victim?
By: James M. Duggan, of Duggan Bertsch, LLC
To learn more about how to tame the
B.E.A.S.T. that is confronting you…
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As entrepreneurs maintain a primary focus
on running a successful business,
proactive planning understandably
gives way to the demands of the day.
Unfortunately, the failure to proactively
plan in the following areas can
have catastrophic consequences for the
BBuy-Sell Planning – An absence of thoughtful buy-sell
planning can lead to loss of value, litigation, and
failed transition for your business interests upon a wide
range of trigger events.

EEstate Planning – An improper estate plan can lead to
public disclosure of private information, faulty
disposition of assets, tax inefficiency, and creditor

AAsset Protection – All that you have worked for can be
lost in a lawsuit if your business and personal
asset structures are not properly insulated from creditors.

SSuccession Planning – Failing to establish the
best-suited individual(s) to succeed you for both the
business and your personal wealth usually leads to material
dissipation of each after your death or disability.

TTax Minimization – Tax-inefficiency can lead to income
and estate tax burdens in excess of 50%;
maximize what you keep.
Each area of the planning B.E.A.S.T. is important in its own
right, as the failure to properly address any one of
the foregoing elements can lead to unexpected loss, if not
ruin. Taming the B.E.A.S.T. requires a thoughtful, integrated,
and collaborative approach, and necessarily requires a legal
team well-versed in each area.
If you missed our last Newsletter
– CAPTIVES – Not yet
Captivated? You Should be!
Recent laws and rulings have made
the Captive Insurance Company
concept a major planning solution for
the privately owned business.
Ensuring that you are fully informed
to make the best decisions for your
business and personal wealth plan-
ning purposes is our goal. Captive
Insurance Companies are a wonder-
ful tool available to the private client,
but must be understood and
implemented properly to achieve
the desired results.
LLC at 312-263-8600
or email us at :
If you would like a FREE compli-
mentary captive consultation. We
look forward to hearing from you.
- Jim Duggan
Our Team
Duggan & Bertsch is comprised of lawyers,
certified public accountants, masters in
taxation, masters in business administration,
and professionals with financial backgrounds,
our unique multi-disciplinary approach is
essential to the comprehensive representation
of the Private Client.
You have worked hard to build the wealth you
have today – allow us to help you properly
plan for that wealth hereafter.
Taxes permeate virtually every planning
element for the Private Client. To better serve
you, DUGGAN BERTSCH offers a full tax and
compliance practice to ensure theory properly
meets up with your reporting reality.
DUGGAN BERTSCH is a transactional
practice with a necessary focus on business
and corporate representation.

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