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CCW Safe For more information
Call : (855) 639-2297
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Defending those who carry
concealed against administrative,
criminal & civil actions
We Got Your Back!
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If our members are involved in a use of force
incident we provide the best defense attorneys in
the U.S., expert witnesses, and investigators
specially trained in use of force lawsuits and
Single Member – No Deductible – No Limits
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Dual Members – No Deductible – No Limits
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$75/ Year
Military/LE –Active /Retired
No Deductible – No Limits
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Attorney coverage:
If you find yourself involved in critical self defense
incident, then call 911 and immediately call CCW
Safe. An attorney will guide you on future steps
and will be appointed to defend you.
Expert Witness Coverage:
If you have criminal or civil litigation against you,
then your attorney will determine the need, and
assign an appropriate Expert Witness to testify
on your behalf.
Investigator Coverage:
The attorneys will decide when to activate CCW
Safe's critical response team. When activated,
your investigators will complete a thorough
investigation on the incident and the suspect.
If you are involved in a shooting or
use of force incident:
Advise authorities that you are a CCW Safe member and
that you have representation for self defense incidents.
Advise them that you would like to give a full statement
in the presence of your attorney.
If Police officers or federal agents are involved in a
shooting, they will not be interviewed for
48 Hours
You should be awarded the same consideration.
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