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Focus on Success
with Specs Howard School of Media Arts
Flexible Schedules
With day (10am-2:30pm) and evening
(6pm-10:30pm) classes, you can fit school into your
life. Class schedules run Monday and Wednesday or
Tuesday and Thursday.
Blended Learning
What is blended learning? At Specs Howard School
of Media Arts you are in the lab and classroom twice
a week, while the remainder of your coursework is
completed online. This provides you with a mix of
online and hands-on training for 12 months.
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Course offerings include:
The Graphic Design program immerses
students in image creation and
manipulation from digital imaging, web
design, document creation, branding
and logo creation, to motion graphic...

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The Digital Media Arts Program trains
students in digital video and image
production, editing and technical
operation, offering career preparation
and hands-on experience in areas...

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Broadcast Media Arts
The Broadcast Media Arts Program
provides students with online learning,
hands-on experience, and on-site
training with professional equipment,
multiple editing labs...

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Freestyle Friday
To provide students even more opportunities to practice
their craft, free events for students are offered throughout
the year on Fridays. Freestyle Friday allows you to
participate in a continuing education seminar in an intimate
Skill Diversity
Students are not forced to focus on one small aspect of an
industry. The programs incorporate multiple areas within
the digital media, graphic design, and broadcast media
industries. A broad skill-set allows for an increased choice
in job offerings.
Career Services
The Career Services Department's primary focus is to
assist in getting your foot in the door. This includes
resume, portfolio, and demo development and honing your
interview skills through mock job interviews. Career
Services Advisors and Instructors are dedicated to
assisting students in the internship and employment
Consider this - the class that you enroll in is filled with
aspiring media professionals just like yourself and you're
surrounded by instructors who have been involved in the
industry. Networking starts on day one at Specs Howard.
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