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Miss Dig 811
  Contact MISS DIG
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Attention Excavators
The new "MISS DIG Law," Public Act 174 , goes into
effect on April 1. This new legislation will require
changes to the on-site activities of excavators, as well
as the responses required from utility owners and
operators. Along with numerous changes and new
requirements, PA174 includes penalties and
enforcement for noncompliance.

Don't find out about the changes the hard way! Visit for information and downloadable
content regarding Michigan's new utility damage
prevention law.
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  Online Requests  
E-Locate Remote Ticket
E-Locate is a FREE service available to
homeowners, contractors and MISS DIG members
as an online alternative for submitting single address
locate requests to the MISS DIG System.
E-Locate tickets can be created through PC, laptop,
smartphone, or tablet.
Restrictions & Requirements
• Single address locations only (no intersections or
  lot numbers)
• No Emergency, joint meet or design requests
  You must provide a valid e-mail address which will
  be used to return vital information to you, which
  includes your ticket number and confirmation that
  your locate request was successfully processed
• Requests submitted after 5 p.m. on business days
  or on weekends or holidays will be processed on
  the next business day. The date and time that you
  are legally allowed to begin your excavation will be
  72 hours/3 business days from the time that MISS
  DIG processes your locate request. This legal dig
  start date and time will be included with your
  e-mail confirmation. If you begin your excavation
  project prior to that time, you may be held liable
  for any damages to underground facilities. Locate
  requests are valid for 21 days only, from the legal
  dig start date.
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  Entry (RTE)
For excavators, municipalities, and other parties tha
t create multiple tickets, and tickets that involve more
than a single street address, MISS DIG offers a
redesigned Remote Ticket Entry program.
For existing users, the new application is web based
and more user friendly than the former Remote Ticket
Entry Program. Tutorials are available to conveniently
walk you through the new aspects of the application
For new users, the HTML based program requires no
special downloads or security settings. Training is
made available through MISS DIG and is free.
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Please allow for
3 full working days
before you dig -
call the MISS DIG
System at 811 or
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