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brain balance greater philly
Call (610) 880-0009
or contact us online for more
information or to schedule an
assessment for your child
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We don't compensate
for learning Issues -
We conquer them!
Brain Balance Achievement Centers offer a
comprehensive, drug-free program that helps kids
overcome their behavioral and learning difficulties
enabling them to reach their social and academic
  Case Studies View All 
Riley, a 9-year-old diagnosed as
Learning Disabled, was moody and
withdrawn. His Auditory Processing
was a concern due to speech Issues.
After completing the program, his
grades improved and he completes
homework without a struggle. He Is
confident and has many friends!
Alex, a 9-year-old diagnosed with
ADHD, was anxious and depressed and
had low self-esteem. After 3 months
In the program, he no longer hated
school and began to laugh and make
jokes. Homework and meal times are
no longer a struggle. His mom says she
has found her son!
 Testimonials View All
"As I read through my comments from 2
short months ago, I can't believe I'm writing
about the same child!!! The Stephen from
November is gone and in his place is a
Stephen who plays with the other kids,
allowing them to choose games and toys
and who goes to all different areas of the
room rather than just playing by himself at
his desk. Academically, Stephen is doing
extremely well in all areas. He is a very
bright child with an incredible memory. He
reads everything we put in front of him…"
  - Kindergarten Report Card Teacher
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