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Example of HTML Email converted by us:

N3 Oceanic
Helping Hearts For Over 30 Years
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Live Longer, Live Better!
High Cholesterol—a Heart Attack Risk
One out of three Americans have cholesterol
readings which are too high! Medical experts
believe one
of the best ways to avoid a heart
attack is to keep your cholesterol levels LOW.
To keep cholesterol low, everyone should
exercise, eat right and not smoke. In addition,
there's another
natural solution!
RES-Q Product Bottles
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Doctor Look at Research Published by the Mayo Clinic:
Dr. David Becker, lead author of the study says, "As a cardiologist,
I listen to my patients. Many were using the supplements,
and LDL-X red yeast rice. I was reluctant to recommend
these without clinical trials. So I did such a trial."*
"I compared the effects of these supplements and lifestyle changes with the use of Zocor,
a cholesterol lowering statin medication. I was pleasantly surprised -
the Res-Q
supplements lowered LDL (bad) cholesterol by 42%! I'm impressed by the safety
and lack of side effects.
I recommend Res-Q products to many patients who are
looking for a natural alternative to statins."
"In five months taking Res-Q LDL-X and Res-Q 1250 daily my total
cholesterol is down to 159."
Bill Timonium, MD
"I started taking Res-Q 1250 and Res-Q LDL-X to lower my cholesterol and
dropped from 239 to 129 after just 30 days." – Jeanette, Weatherly, PA
"I decided to try Res-Q 1250 and LDL-X and my most recent non-fasting
cholesterol total was 172." Joseph Allentown, PA
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  About Res-Q
N3 Oceanic, Inc., has been
  manufacturing the Res-Q brand of
  natural health supplements to
  promote heart health and overall
  physical wellness for over 30 years.
  Our superior supplements,
  unsurpassed in potency and purity,
  have helped hundreds of thousands
  of customers feel their
• Family-owned for over 30 years! We
  started with our now-famous Res-Q
  1250 omega-3 ultra-purified- fish oil
  softgels and have sold over 2
  million bottles – that's more than 400
  million capsules!
• You won't find our products in
  stores. As the manufacturer, we offer
  the best prices in the industry by
  avoiding middleman costs and
  passing the savings along to you.
• We only use ingredients from
  suppliers that meet our stringent
  Quality Assurance Standards. Our
  products are subjected to countless
  quality tests and assays to verify
  purity and full potency.
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  *Becker D, Gordon R, Morris P, Yorko J, Gordon Y, Li M, Iqbal N. Simvastatin vs Therapeutic Lifestyle
Changes and Supplements: Randomized Primary Prevention Trial. Mayo Clin Proc July 2008;83(7):758-764.

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