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Are injuries making your life stressful? Are
you suffering from pain or having difficulty
sleeping? Would you like to feel great and
enhance your abilities?
Discover a natural way to assist your body's ability to heal
itself. Experience either Reiki or a powerful Bio-Energy healing
session. Susannah Spanton is the only International Trainer in
the U.S. from the Michael D'Alton School of Bio-Energy.
Reiki Session
Every Reiki session is different for each person, because every person is
unique. A Reiki session is an experience that is safe, gentle and very
relaxing. You can expect to feel respected and cared for throughout
your session. Reiki is an art of healing that cascades soothing energy
and can benefit people in the following ways.
• Reduce Pain  • Relieve Stress  • Promote Tranquility  • Energize
 • Help Increase Relaxation  • Lower Anxiety  • Improve Sleep
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Bio-Energy Session
Everyday demands of today's lifestyle can greatly impact our potential
to feel energetic and healthy. Experiencing a Bio-Energy course of
treatment can accomplish a deep sense of relaxation by removing
blockages creating balance within the energetic systems.
Bio-Energy healing is extremely calming and often gives a client the
sense of feeling lighter; harmonizing your body, mind and spirit. The
Bio-Energy treatment is typically done over four consecutive weeks and
a follow up session one month later.
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Book a session today!
You can either come to one of our studio locations or we can come
to you. We serve the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.
(610) 876-0757    |    |
Save 20% off all sessions,
packages and training!
Bio-Energy Level I
Training Course
Discover the effective energy healing
techniques you can immediately use
to heal yourself, your friends, family
and the animals in your life!
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Reiki I and II
Training Course
This course will certify you according
to the guidelines of the International
Center for Reiki Training to practice
Reiki upon completion of this
workshop. In this two-day class, you
will be attuned to Reiki , connecting
you to this incredible source of
powerful energy
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Email us at
 –  Call us at 1-888-800-0824 (M-F 7:00am - 9:00pm US EST)
(Our development teams work 24/7)

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