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Sign Up for
Clean Air Partners AirAlerts
and get real-time air quality information
while protecting your health.
Sign Up for Clean Air Partners AirAlerts
Air Quality
Forecast Hotline

Metro Baltimore:
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Air Quality Action Guide
Air Quality Action Guide
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Air Quality App for iPhone and Android
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Who is Clean Air Partners?
For more than 17 years, Clean Air Partners has been
dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses with
the tools they need to protect their health during poor air
quality days, and learn easy, everyday actions they can take
to protect public health, improve air quality, and reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.
Stay informed during poor air quality days and reduce air
pollution by visiting to sign-up for daily
email AirAlerts – which provide regional air quality forecasts
and real-time health notifications for the region. It's free
and it will keep you, and our region, healthy!
Why is Air Quality Important?
More than 7.5 million people in the greater metropolitan
Baltimore-Washington region live in areas affected by
unhealthy ground-level ozone and particle pollution. This
affects individuals' health and the health of the environment.
Not only are there more than 57,000 adults and 18,000
children with asthma in the Baltimore region, the city has
the nation's second highest rate of respiratory-related
emergency room visits among children. During Code
Orange and Code Red poor air quality days, sensitive
groups are the most vulnerable and should limit prolonged
outdoor exertion. Sensitive groups include:
• People with heart and / or respiratory disease
• (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, or
  cardiovascular disease)
• Children
• Older adults (65+)
• Athletes and those who are active outdoors.
• On Code Red days, the general public should limit
  prolonged outdoor exertion as well.
Ozone Season (May through September) is the
most critical time for air quality as temperatures
are at their highest. During poor air quality days
(Code Orange and Code Red), sensitive groups
should consistently check their
AirAlerts at to learn
ways to protect their health and easy actions to
decrease your contribution to air pollution.
  Visit to sign-up for AirAlerts
and discover additional steps to improve our air!
777 North Capitol St, NE Suite 300 • Washington, District of Columbia 20002
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