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Flower Tent
Flower Tent® locally operated by Cornerstone Consultant Co. and Connvann, LLC.
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There's a Flower Tent near you!
$10 OFF
a purchase
of $50 or more!
*Valid at Northeast Flower Sales and Flower Valley Farms
Flower Tent® locations
**Not valid with any other offer. Limit one coupon per person.
Offer valid until 5/31/14 | Coupon Code EM-NOR-FVF-2
Flower Tent
Beautiful Patio Pots, Hanging Baskets, Vegetables, Herbs and More!
Superior Quality Bedding Plants, Featuring
Kube Pak® Products
• Rootshield, a biological fungicide used to help control plant
  diseases, is used in all Kube Pak® plug trays.
• PH balanced soil mix matches PH requirements of each
  individual plant.
• Utilization of Ellepots for Rooted Cuttings, which promote
  better root systems and easier transplanting with no transplant
• Plugs and rooted cuttings benefit from these extra measures,
  resulting in better root development and increased nutrient
• All mixes contain Nutricote®, a slow-release fertilizer which
  continues to provide nutrients to plants for months.
Shop Happy and Save at a Flower Tent near you!
Flower Tent
Quality at a Fair Price!
Visit one of our Flower Tent® locations:
• 5103 Carlise Pike in the Carpet Mart Parking Lot in Mechanicsburg
• 1400 E Main St. across from M&T Bank in Waynesboro
•1525 Lincoln Hwy. East, Across from Lowe's – in Super Shoes Parking Lot, Chambersburg
• 301 Greenridge St. next to Fidelity Bank in Scranton
• 927 S State St. next to Dunkin' Donuts in Clark Summit
• 733 Davis St. in front of Main Source Food in Scranton
• 1330 Main Ave at Rabel Furniture in Dickson City
• 504 Route 6 at Western Auto in Mayfield
• 575 Easton Turnpike across from PennStar Bank in Hamlin
• Route 6 Plaza in Honesdale
• 161 W Tioga St. across from McDonald's in Tunkhannock
• 527 N Main St. across from Rinaldi Auto in Taylor
• 833 Gold Mile Rd. next to Verizon Wireless in Towanda
• 1136 Moosic St. next to Hot Yoga in Scranton

Want to get in touch?

Email us at
 –  Call us at 1-888-800-0824 (M-F 7:00am - 9:00pm US EST)
(Our development teams work 24/7)

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