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285 N. Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106
DOI License 0D91079
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Protect Your Home
and Everything In It.
Homeowners Insurance…Homeowners Insurance...
Homeowners Insurance!
It seems like every time you turn around you are receiving solicitations for insurance - especially homeowners
insurance! And there is good reason for this - homeowners insurance is the right business for most insurance
companies but not all companies are right for the homeowner!
When was the last time you had your policy reviewed either by your agent
or by your company?
• Have you had a recent replacement cost estimate completed for the insurance value of re-building your home?
• Is your home properly insured - not OVERrinsured and definitely not UNDERinsured?
• Did you add square footage to your home and has this been added to your coverage?
• Do you have extended protection for your valuable items such as jewelry, unique collections or antiques?
• Are you maximizing all of your credits? (Alarms, new roof, water shut off devices may reduce premium)
• Are you maximizing premium reduction by increasing your deductible?
• Do you have adequate liability coverage over and above the market value of your home?
• Have you recently taken a few minutes to "shop" the best rate for the best coverage?
So, if you answered "NO" to any of the questions above or if you have not heard from your agent or your insurance
company in sometime then let US hear from you! Your call will be answered by a knowledgeable and courteous
insurance representative who will always place you first!
Our review of your coverage is free, there is never any obligation and
we only contract with "A" rated and California admitted Insurance
Companies - companies that provide excellent service, excellent
coverage AND extremely competitive pricing!
Plus you get the added benefit of having the service and expertise of a
family owned and operated (now 4th generation) agency - in business
since 1952!
Don't delay - review today! Toll free: 844-291-6329!
CALL TODAY 844-291-6329
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