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Call or email us today at one of our
locations to schedule an appointment:
Flower Mound: (469) 464-5888
Coppell: (469) 208-4712
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"LearningRx Brain Training is for Everyone!"
LearningRx rates 9.5
out of 10 on customer
satisfaction. Based on
thousands of reviews.
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$100 coupon
Print to redeem coupon
Call the Flower Mound center at (469) 464-5888 and schedule an appointment.
This coupon is only good for the Coppell and Flower Mound locations. Offer expires 9/30/2014.
(Regularly $199)
Find out NOW why your child is struggling. A 60-minute
assessment will provide you the answers you've been searching for.
Our innovative one-on-one brain training is a proven program that has over
30 years of data and research behind it. We increase core cognitive skills
that everyone needs for fast and effective learning. Skills like memory,
processing speed, visual processing, and logic & reasoning are so
important when studying for an exam or paying attention in class. We work
with ages 5 to 85. Our program is helpful for individuals struggling with

reading, math, comprehension, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, TBI,
stroke recovery
, and also those looking for enrichment. Before spending
lots of money on private schools, private tutors, tutoring centers, or other
methods that do not work on increasing the underlying skills for learning,
call us and let's talk about how we can help you or a family member.
Call or email us today at one of our locations
to schedule an appointment:
(469) 208-4712
Flower Mound:
(469) 464-5888
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Or visit for other locations.
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Want to get in touch?

Email us at
 –  Call us at 1-888-800-0824 (M-F 7:00am - 9:00pm US EST)
(Our development teams work 24/7)

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