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Dillon Gage
Dillon Gage Private Wealth Management
15301 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200
Addison, Texas 750010
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There are two kinds of retirees
  The 20% that have pensions... And the 80% that wish they did.  
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A Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) rider is an optional benefit that typically must be elected at issue if the
owner(s)/annuitant(s) are within the age specifications as set forth in the contract rider and prospectus. GLWB riders are available
for an additional charge and may be irrevocable once elected. GLWB riders guarantee a client can withdraw an annual amount
(typically 4% to 7%) of their guaranteed protection amount (GLWB Base) for their entire lifetime. GLWB riders may guarantee
withdrawals for one or two lives (typically spouses).
Typically the GLWB Base equals contributions plus any bonuses, if applicable, made under the contract. The GLWB Base may
accumulate at a minimum rate of growth of 6 to 7% for up to a maximum of 20 years, depending on the issuing company and
specific product, or until the first withdrawal, if sooner. Clients may also have the option to "step-up" the GLWB Base to the contract
value after a specified waiting period (typically one year). The step-ups could also be automatic in some designs (typically on each
contract anniversary). If the step-up occurs, terms, conditions and charges in effect at the time of the step-up may apply. Withdrawals
that exceed the annual withdrawal limit may incur applicable surrender charges, negatively affect the GLWB Base, and reduce the
contract value and death benefit. Typically any portion of the annual withdrawal limit not withdrawn during a contract year may not
be carried over to the next contract year. The GLWB value is not available for a cash withdrawal. The GLWB is an accounting
measure used to determine a life income at some time in the future. The minimum amount of time that the income stream can
commence is determined by the issuing company and product chosen.
Typically clients must allocate assets within specified interest crediting options as set forth in the contract rider and prospectus.
These interest crediting options will vary depending on the issuing company and product offered. Fixed index annuities guarantee
principal and lock in all gains at specific intervals (most often annually at the contract's anniversary), depending on the particular
annuity purchased. The locked-in increase in the account's cash value will be determined by the specific interest crediting
methods offered and chosen by the annuity purchaser and may be reduced by the annual fee associated with the particular
annuity or rider(s) chosen.
Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) performance, repayment, and protection depends upon the soundness of the issuer. Certain annuities
may have limited liquidity or carry surrender charges and are not appropriate for everyone. Consider your tax situation, need for
liquidity, and long-term goals carefully before purchasing any annuity.
Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) may be subject to participation rates, maximum caps, and/or margins (also known as "index fees").
For any specific FIA product, the participation rate, cap, and/or margin may be subject to change each year. Premiums deposited
in fixed index annuities are not invested directly or indirectly in the stock market. Instead, investors in FIAs may choose to have
their interest linked to one or more specific market indexes.
Please refer to the annuity contract and/or product disclosure for specific terms of a specific FIA with a specific company.
Please take your entire financial situation into consideration when considering the purchase of an FIA including, but not limited
to your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investing time frame. When considering the sale of a security or banking product to
purchase an FIA, ensure the sale meets your financial objectives and/or risk tolerance. There may be penalties or deferred sales
charges to sell certain securities. Ensure the purchase of an FIA is still suitable and in your best interest after any such charges.
It is possible for FIAs to return less than the original investment if surrendered before the interest credited or minimum guarantees
have overcome the surrender penalties. Therefore, FIAs are long term savings vehicles and should only be considered for long
term investment. FIA's are not FDIC insured; are not obligations or deposits of, and are not guaranteed or underwritten by any
bank, savings and loan or credit union or its affiliates; are unrelated to and not a condition of the provision or term of any banking
service or activity. None of the Dillon Gage group of companies, nor any agents acting on its behalf, should be viewed as
providing legal or tax advice. Consult with and rely on a qualified advisor regarding these matters.

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