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Brown Smith Wallace
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Missouri Ranks #5 for Cyberattack Data Loss in the U.S.
Request our FREE Cybersecurity
"Cyberattacks are a serious problem for
organizations and businesses in
Missouri," says Tony Munns, FBCS, CITP,
CIRM, CISA. Request Tony's handy
Cybersecurity infographic for a more
detailed look at the growing number and
origins of cyberattacks.
Request Infographic
Brown Smith Wallace is committed to keeping you
informed about issues that impact your business.
More than 40% of
Businesses Don't
Reopen After a
Natural Disaster
We're in the midst of
tornado season. This
year, Missouri has
experienced 16
confirmed tornadoes
already. Can your
What's FBAR and
What's it Got to do
With Me?
Well, a lot if you have a
foreign bank account the
IRS doesn't know about.
Doug Eckert, CPA,
explains what the U.S.
Government is doing to
crack down on those that
  business survive in the aftermath of a
natural disaster? Learn how a business
continuity and disaster recovery plan
can help you mitigate disruption and risk.
don't disclose offshore accounts.
  Read the Article  
  Learn More  
Tax Filing Fraud
Rampant This Tax
The IRS identified
more than 50,000
fraudulent returns
before the April 15
deadline this year.
Robin Bell, CPA,
explains what you can
Kyle's CPA Video
Blog: Laura
Investigates Social
She's back! Laura talks
with Roy Kramer, CPA,
NSSA, about social
  do if your information is compromised and
how you can avoid it.
Watch the Video
  Read the Article
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