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Harmon Solar
Go Solar and Start Saving!
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Now is the time to go Solar BEFORE the temperatures start
going up. So many of your neighbors are going solar for a
reason. Find out why more than ever, it pays to go
solar—now and into the future.
Call Harmon Solar at 800-651-8980 to get started
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4 More Reasons to Go Solar
Go solar for $0 down and low monthly payments
Reduce your energy bill
Lock in your energy costs - no more surprise rate hikes
With our lease, your system will be cared for over the next
20 years: including maintenance, monitoring and repairs.
Increase your energy independence - With an electric
power source right in your home, you'll enjoy energy
independence and control.
*Harmon Solar will cover the cost of your APS solar surcharge for the 1st 5 years. Your rebate
will be a lump sum payment after the completion of your solar installation (allow 4-6 weeks for
payment processing). Amount not to exceed 60 months of current APS solar surcharge and is
calculated on current monthly surcharge rate of $.70 cents per kw installed. (Calculation:
Installed Solar System size in kilowatts X $.70 per kw X 60 months = Eligible rebate) Harmon
Solar reserves the right to rescind or alter terms of promotion at any time. Not valid with any
other offer or promotion. Payment at the sole discretion of Harmon Solar. All rights reserved.
Act now
and SAVE!
Click here or call now
  800-651-8980 to
  receive a
FREE solar
• Sign a solar contract
  with Harmon Solar
  before March 31st, 2014
  and we will take care of
  the APS solar surcharge
  for the first 5 years.*
Don't delay! Go
solar NOW & save!
Learn More
How much will
YOU save?
Calculate  |  800-651-8980 Facebook Twitter

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