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  A New, Local Health Insurance Choice
for Your Workforce  
Why choose HealthyCT for your
company's health insurance?
HealthyCT, Inc. is a new, doctor-sponsored, non-profit health insurance
company located in Wallingford and offering health plans for Connecticut
businesses and individuals.
• We are a "CO-OP," or Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, so our
  governing board will include the people we insure – people like you. You
  can have a say in how your health insurance company is run!
• As a nonprofit, we don't have shareholders. Money we don't spend
  during the year goes back to improving programs and services or
  reducing how much you and your employees pay for health insurance.
• We support the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered medical care
  to help reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity.
• Like your company, we are Connecticut-based and managed locally.
• We're working with local healthcare providers, community
  organizations and brokers to improve healthcare in our state.
• Our growing network already includes over 12,000 doctors and
  healthcare professionals, and 28 of the state's 31 acute care hospitals.
Ask your broker about HealthyCT or call us
To enroll your group in HealthyCT coverage, please contact your insurance
broker. If you don't have a broker, call us at 1-855-HLTHYCT
(1-855-458-4928) and press "3." We can put you in touch with a broker
near you.
Learn more at and we hope you'll
connect with us on LinkedIn too!
Explore Plans
To keep you healthy
and well, preventive
care is covered at
100% when you receive
in-network services.
Explore Our Plans
Additional Info
If you would like more
information, or for us
to connect you with
an insurance broker in
your area, contact us
Request Info
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from HealthyCT.
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