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Serving Southern California
Happy Memorial Day
Donate Now
Help Support Military Veterans & Families in Need
STEP defines financial hardship as an unexpected financial crisis that
results in the family's inability to sustain crucial living expenses.
STEP has evolved to be an independently operating, local
resource of support for Southern California's enlisted families
in pay-grades E1 to E6 whether on active duty or within the first
12 months after honorable discharge, when the family budget
cannot be stretched any further and unexpected financial
hardship occurs.
"California is home to the largest concentration of active duty
their families in the world; 272,479 active duty service
and family members reside in STEP's service
Military One Source, 2012
"Junior to mid-grade enlisted personnel in pay-grades E1 to
E6 earn
$18K to $42K in annual base pay while residing in the
fifth highest cost of living region in the country."
–DFAS, Kiplinger
Even with maximum pay and housing allowance, a single
E1-E4 family is categorized as low income per HUD
standards. Most applicants are from single income families
due to frequent PCS moves and deployment cycles that restrict
opportunities for military spouse employment.
"San Diego rent and housing are more than double the national
average. Groceries transportation and healthcare are 10%
higher than the national average."
"9.4% of Post-911 Veterans are unemployed compared to 7.7%
civilian unemployment rate for February 2013 an increase of
almost 2 percent since February 2012."
–US Bureau of Labor, 2013
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Visit us at
All Money Stays Local
to Sourthern California
Donations of:
Feeds a military child
for a week.
keeps the lights on.
Repairs or replaces a
major appliance.
Repairs a needed vehicle.
Keeps a roof over the head of
a military family.
Meets the emergency financial
need of 3 military families.
Donate Now

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Email us at
 –  Call us at 1-888-800-0824 (M-F 7:00am - 9:00pm US EST)
(Our development teams work 24/7)

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