My Experience with 3 PSD to HTML EMAIL Services (PSD to HTML EMAIL, Codemyconcept, Psdtohtmlexperts)



PSD to HTML EMAIL were the first HTML Slicing Service on the market in 2004. They are still successful and popular.


  • Fast
    They got the project done on time.
  • Good Communication
    Whenever something was unclear to their developers, the project manager contacted me for clarification. They also have a member’s area, where you can see the current status of the project; this is also where communication takes place mostly. They also have a very responsive Skype account.
  • Precise.
    They delivered exactly what I gave them in the PSD, down to the last pixel.


  • Expensive
    By far the most expensive service.
  • Almost too precise.
    This isn’t really a con, but more something you need to be careful of: I’m sometimes a bit sloppy in my PSD designs, because it’s more important for me to get the overall idea down than to worry about pixel perfect margins everywhere. Since I code my designs myself usually, I can smooth out my sloppyness when I actually code the design. For example, I’ll have an element that has a 15px margin on one side, and a 16 px margin on the other. If you do this when outsourcing to PSD to HTML EMAIL, they will deliver your HTML Template with the flaws that you had in your PSD.

Back when I tried them, they were half the price of PSD to HTML EMAIL. They have since increased their prices.