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How to Avoid the SPAM Folder in 10 Easy Steps

The war against SPAM is on!

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are waging an endless war against the spammers who invade our mailboxes.

This war has heavy casualties in the form of “false positives”—legitimate commercial emails mistakenly routed by spam filters to bulk folders.

If your marketing results suffer because you struggle to reach inbox space consistently, keep reading and learn 10 foolproof steps for avoiding the SPAM folder.



1. Avoid Purchased Lists

Have you ever been tempted to grow your list by a million potential customers in no time? Have you been to forums where thousands of “targeted leads” are sold for a few bucks?

Purchased lists are ticking time bombs, waiting to devastate your reputation as a sender. Riddled with dead emails and spam traps, they quickly inform mailbox providers that you break the rules by sending unsolicited emails.

At best, your messages may end up in junk folders. At worst, you may be branded as a spammer.

If you still buy emails lists, STOP NOW.

2. Watch What You Say

Spam filters analyze your content. There are no magic keywords to enhance deliverability, but limiting the use of risky words—such as free, buy, promo, etc.—reduces the likelihood of your emails landing in the spam folder.


  • Link only to legitimate sites with reputable domains.
  • Don’t go crazy with email size (30 kb is just fine.)
  • Balance the image-to-text ratio.
  • Host your images at credible services only.

3. Team Up With A Reliable ESP

Email Service Providers (ESP) are evaluated as senders based on the reputation of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and domains of their clients.

Careless ESPs with low scores on the IP addresses of their senders are destined for spam folder delivery. Eventually, they will be blocked by the providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.

ESPs that send only solicited emails and ban spammers from their platforms have greater credibility with mailbox providers. Their Customers are more likely to experience undisturbed inbox delivery if they follow the steps outlined in this post.

4. Get Certified!

If you are on a dedicated IP space, you should definitely look at the certification provided by a company called Return Path. Once they audit your mailing practices, you can get a Sender Score Certified status which will guarantee that you inbox at most of the major ISPs out there. This service is not free, but it definitely deserves a closer look. The money spent on the fees should be easily returned by the increased conversions.